Basmati Rice
Perfect for every occasion, Basmati Rice is long-grained and aromatic rice. We offer an impeccable range of Basmati with superior quality standards. It offers a distinct aroma on cooking, and the rice become fluffy, long, thin and non-sticky. We offer pure as well as affordable basmati rice. 
Indian Rice
Indian Rice is highly acclaimed by the customers for its high nutritional values and tempting aroma. It is easy to prepare and can be cooked in different ways according to different individual choices.
Sona Masoori Rice
Sona Masoori Rice is consumed on a large scale due to its easy consumption and digestion. It has various essential minerals and vitamins that are considered healthy for the proper functioning of the body.
Parboiled Rice
Parboiled Rice is known for its optimum quality, easy digestion and less calorie content. It is prepared in different ways such as biryani, pulav, kheer and various other dishes.

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